alive15ml 3 SGD99

Live your busy life, and still breath easy! Feel energized and refreshed with this ultimate energy booster mist, powered by our innovative and patented Optimizelle Formula.

FOR: Easier breathing, Refreshing, Rashes, Chapping, Itchiness.

BENEFITS: Soothes discomfort to the sensitive skin around the nose. Controls oil build-up on skin around the nose. Reduces pore size. Smooths skin. Helps ease breathing. Relieves, refreshes and energizes.

alive serum5ml SGD35



relieve35ml 2 SGD99

Get ready to face the day! Powered by our innovative and patented Optimizelle Formula, this all-in-one treatment cream boosts your mobility, leaving you feeling energized and alive.

BENEFITS: Relax your skin. Selected ingredient can soothe your skin. Everyday skincare brings the vitality your skin.


Sometimes more is indeed more. Start your day with full and luminous hair, powered by our innovative and patented Optimizelle Formula.

FOR: Lack of volume, Hair loss, Thinning hair, Split ends, Oil control.

BENEFITS: Reduces the impact from accumulated damage to scalp caused by heating, coloring and chemical treatment such as permanent waves. Detoxifies and deeply cleanses to improve the health of scalp. Controls oil build-up, leaving scalp feeling fresh and clean. Strengthens skin barriers and improves adaption to environmental changes. Ensures overall health of scalp. Reduces hair loss and creates volume. Hydrates deeply and reduces split ends.


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